• Dedicated Professionals in Martial Arts and Health Tasks

  • Nobody can do everything. But everybody can do something

  • Knowing is not Enough. You must do

  • No gain without Pain

  • Not to hit But to fit

  • Teaching selt - esteem through Self - defense

  • Train for the developments of Mind, Body and Spirit

Founder and

International Chief










Karate VII Dan Black Belt
Taekwondo VI Dan black Belt
Kobudo IV Dan black Belt
Kung- Fu IV Dan black Belt
Traditional Kalarippayattu Master
Traditional Adimura Master







Trained and Tested abroad
2 times National Champion
Best Demonstrator
First Indian team caption selected to Participate Funakoshi's World Shotokan Karate Championship at England
Author 27 Books
27 years teaching Experience
Member of 21 Martial Arts Associations
Technical Advisor of 14 Styles
Expert in scientific approach in Martial Arts
Trained under various National and International Masters
Indian representative of World Black Belt Union
Founder of World Adimura Federation
Founder of Tigerkan Silambam Gurukulam








Shihan MOHAN

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